Dedicated to the Children of Nadroga and Navoha & the heroes of the province, past...present...and future. My Vasu's namely Tavale Rt Tevita Makutu from Nasama village asked me to do a song of Nadroga, as I was raised on 'tavioka ni koroua' and grown up in my Mums village & left as an adult. I had written an original called Jubaniwai (The motherland)& recorded it waiting to be released in the new album, than holidaying at the Fijian Resort last Christmas, my vahu's from from Cuvu & Rukurukulevu asked me to do a rendition of this old classic. Then Ms Taga Nee Kuruisaqila messaged me requesting that since Makare has done Dela ni waisiliva & Sawana, please can I do 'Gone mai Nadroga. I went to work with Simi Rova, David Vosawale, Filimone Dakei, all from Makare & Simione Rova went about doing his magic. It is now a part of my upcoming album called Outside the box & recorded at Whispering Groove Studio to be released in September. We tried to find out who composed this masterpiece, but were unsuccessful. If you know someone who might know someone who had anything to do with this composition, please let me know I hope you all like it. Big love..Muju kalougata koto Bigwilz

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